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Language Exam Free of Charge


You can get back the language exam fee if you successfully pass:

  • a state-accredited general language exam: vantage and proficiency level (B2, C1);
  • a state-accredited professional language exam: vantage and proficiency level (B2, C1);
  • an advanced level matura (also called: secondary school leaving / GCSE) examination in a foreign language;
  • a naturalized language exam, e.g.: IELTS (the fee of naturalization can be requested to be reimbursed).


Good news! Not only your first ever successful language exam can be free of charge.

  • The fee of an additional language exam passed after 01 January 2018 will also be reimbursed by the government even if you had already passed one or more language exams before this date.
  • The support applies to the first language exam passed after 01 January 2018.
  • For example, if you pass a vantage (also known as medium / B2) level language exam in 2017, and then, you pass an advanced or proficiency (high / C1) level language exam after 01 January 2018, you can ask back the fee of the second one.
  • The process of asking for the fee of a successfully passed exam is free of charge, no fees, duties or other costs will be paid.


Which languages are included in this possibility of getting back the language exam fee?

  • English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Greek, Croatian, Polish, Armenian, Roma/Gypsy (Romani/Lovari and Boyash), Romanian, Ruthenian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Latin, Portuguese, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch and Finnish languages
  • Hungarian language - in case of persons with non-Hungarian nationality, as defined in point a) -h), Paragraph (1), Section 39 of Act CCIV of 2011 on national higher education (Higher Education Act)

Note: if the language exam is required for the diploma, you should ask at the academic office/educational department of the university you attend about the languages that are accepted at the specific higher education institution.

This is also the place where you can receive information on the required number of language exams, as well as the respective levels and types.


Who can apply for a refund of the exam fees?

  • those who have successfully passed any of the above language exams;
  • those who have successfully completed the oral and the written part of the language exam (in case the written and the oral exams were passed separately, the support shall only be given for the exam part completed after 01 January 2018 );
  • those who are under 35 at any of the exam dates indicated in the language exam certificate/advanced level matura examination. In the case of naturalized language exams, the date of issue of the naturalization is considered.
  • Please note that it is NOT the delivery date of the certificate or the naturalization decision of the language exam that is considered.
  • Important! You must ask for an invoice to your own name on the language exam fee when you pay/transfer the exam fee.
  • Further good news for language learners struggling to receive their 'pending' (beragadt) diplomas : no student legal status is required to be eligible for the refund.

After a successful examination, the reimbursement (refund/payback) of the exam fee may be requested at the Hungarian State Treasury, Directorate of the Pension Fund, postal address: Budapest 1820

Please download the application form here: Form

The form is paper-based; after printing, you should fill it in by hand.


How much can you get back from the exam fee?

  • The amount of the support is planned to be the language exam fee, but not more than 25 percent of the minimum wage effective in the specific year.
  • In 2019 , the minimum wage is HUF 149,000, meaning that a quarter of that amount, HUF 37,250 is refundable from the language exam fee.
  • An accredited vantage (medium / B2) level language exam in Hungary costs about 28-35,000 Hungarian forints. Advanced level exams cost even more. So start preparing for your language exam now to take advantage of this great opportunity!

Only the fee of a successful exam may be requested to be refunded, so you should be well-prepared. We will give you all possible help to pass your language exam. DO NOT HESITATE ANY LONGER! Fill in the contact sheet below and we will call you back or write you an email.

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