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Personal Data Protection and Management Guidelines of

 MET Manager English Trainings Kft.


Our Personal Data Protection Management Guidelines were prepared in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU 2016/679), effective in Hungary from 25 May 2018 and pursuant to Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information ("Privacy Act").

We declare that we handle the personal data of our clients with the utmost care and we meet the following requirements related to processing personal data:

  • personal data may only be acquired and processed fairly and lawfully; 
  • such data may only be stored for specific and legitimate aims, and these must not be used in any other way; 
  • the data must be proportionate to the storage purpose thereof and must comply with this purpose, but they may not go beyond them;  
  • the data must be accurate, and kept up to date if necessary; 
  • the data must be stored in such a way, by which the identification of the data subject will be possible only for the period of time that is needed to accomplish the aim of storing such data;
  • appropriate safety measures must be taken to protect personal data stored in automated data files in order to prevent being accidentally or unlawfully destroyed or lost, as well as to prevent the accidental loss, unlawful access, alteration or distribution thereof.   

Data controller: such natural or legal person, who/which determines the purpose and tools for managing personal data. 

Personal data is managed by MET Manager English Trainings Kft., Pillangó Park 14/A, HU-1149 Budapest, tax number: 12361412-1-42, hereinafter: Data controller.

The aim of managing personal data:

Such data, which is voluntarily provided by the prospective clients of MET Manager English Trainings Kft. shall be used exclusively for processing their 'Request for quote' and for preparing our quotation for the clients, as well as for responding to any contact initiated for the purpose of translations or language teaching thereby. Such data will not be provided to a third party by us. In case, after receiving our quote, the prospective client does not require our services, the data of such client will be immediately and irrevocably deleted.

The data, message or text sent via this Request for quote form are received by our colleague in an email. By filling in and sending this form, the prospective client voluntarily agrees that we read his/her name, email address, message and text and use these to establish contact therewith and, if an order is placed by such client, to store them in a safe way for the time of translation or language teaching. If no contact can be established with the prospective client, the above data will be immediately and irrevocably deleted. 

By filling in and sending the 'Request for quote' form, the prospective client voluntarily agrees that we read his/her personal data (name, email address and mobile phone number), message and text to be translated or any other data that is needed for language teaching and use them for the preparation of our quote, as well as that if an order is placed by such client, we will store the above in a safe way for the time of translation or language teaching. If the client does not accept our quote, the above data and the text sent for translation/proofreading will be immediately and irrevocably deleted.

MET Manager English Trainings Kft. will not build a separate database from the above personal data, these will be treated as confidential data and will not be provided to any 3rd party without the prior, written consent of the client on a voluntary basis.  

In case of references received after 25 May 2018, the names of the private persons who provide such references will be used exclusively with their voluntary, prior written consent to the references. In case of medical translations, the personal data of the clients, including their names, will never be shown next to the reference we have received from them.

Data processor: such natural or legal person who/which handles personal data on behalf of the data controller.

Personal data is processed by MET Manager English Trainings Kft., Pillangó Park 14/A, HU-1149 Budapest, tax number: 12361412-1-42, hereinafter: Data Processor.

The aim of processing personal data:

The data that are voluntarily provided by our clients will be used by MET Manager English Trainings Kft. exclusively for translating the texts of our existing clients and checking (proofreading, editing) such translations, as well as for language teaching, and such data will not be provided to any third party without the prior written consent of our clients.

In case the client orders the translation, we will send the translatable text to the most appropriate translator by email, from a secure, password protected domain account. We conclude a Confidentiality Agreement with each translator, which is renewed every three years. Our translators agree to manage all such information that is learnt thereby related to the translation in a confidential way; such information shall not be published thereby in any traditional, printed or digital form, shall not be uploaded to the internet in any form, in whole or in part; shall not be transmitted to any TM collection, shall not be transferred to any third party (and/or the media) without the prior written consent of the owner of such data, and shall be stored at a secure place in a safe way.

We will treat the translated texts along with the original ones confidentially, and will not preserve them longer than the 5-year period that is prescribed by the NTCA (NAV). Prior to their storage, we make them anonymous, that is, we will irrevocably and securely delete the personal data of private individuals, as well as all such information, from which the personal data may be concluded. The above-mentioned files will be stored on password-protected pendrives in a locker.

In order to be able to perform the subsequent translation orders of our clients by the consistent use of the terminology, the translation memories that are generated during the translation processes, as well as the completed translations will be stored and used by us after the deletion of all personal data so that data related to the individual translations cannot be obtained therefrom.

We will treat all needs analysis questionnaires, tests and any notes related to our students confidentially, and these will not be transferred by us to any third party. After closing the teaching process, these will be preserved by us for the 5-year period that is prescribed by the NTCA (NAV) and then we will destroy them. Wordlists built for our students in Quizlet will be treated confidentially, and such word lists will not be transferred to other students or shared publicly.

We will exchange emails exclusively from a secure domain account that is protected by username and password. The email addresses of our translators and teachers will be stored only for the time necessary to perform their jobs and/or to maintain the working relationship therewith. Our computers and laptops are protected by anti-virus tools including firewalls. Our phone calls are made by password-protected mobile phones. We do not use any cloud-based internet services.

Our website is connected to Google Analytics exclusively and it does not collect the personal data of users in any other way (by email notifications on blogs posted, remarketing, etc.); and we will not send any newsletters to our clients.

The invoices of MET Manager English Trainings Kft. are prepared in the closed, numbered system of számlá, which meets the requirements of the GDPR. The data included in the invoices are treated confidentially and stored on a secure, password-protected pendrive. The invoices will not be transferred to any other person besides our accountant. The invoices, as well as the translators' records of their translation jobs will be preserved by us for the 5-year period that is prescribed by the NTCA (NAV) and then we will destroy them.

In order to be able to perform our data management and data processing compliant to the relevant regulations, our colleague participated in the GDPR training that was organized by PROFORD (the Hungarian Association of Professional Language Service Providers).

Upon request of our clients, we will provide them with information on their personal data and we will delete such data immediately and irrevocably. If you have any question related to these Personal Data Protection and Management Guidelines, you may contact us in the following ways:

by phone: +36 30 546 0396 • by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. • in a letter to Pillangó Park 14/A, HU-1149 Budapest

You can call us: +36 30 546 0396(24 hours per day including weekends)

The uploaded texts arrive at our domain email account secured by an SSL authorization. Compliant to the GDPR regulations, all personal information, texts, and translations will be treated strictly confidentially. Texts that are not translated by us will be irreversibly deleted.
We can offer all of our services exempted from VAT as our company is not registered under VAT. Naturally, we will provide you with an invoice through the official, sequential system of számlá Our invoices are considered paper-based and are payable by bank transfer.