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Advantages of Our Language Exam Preparation


We are effective.

  • At MET Kft. our goal is to ensure that language learners with different capabilities or busy lifestyles can pass any accredited state language exam of their choice within the shortest possible period.
  • A major acknowledgment for us is that during the training, the majority of our students get a feel for language learning, and they return to us later for a different type of language course, for example, business or professional language training; and what’s more, they also recommend the services of MET Kft. to their friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.
  • Our teachers have extensive experience in the field of preparing students for language exams - many of them are examiners at different language exams. Therefore, the chances of passing the exam can be further increased with some practical tips that are not included in the textbooks. Based on the feedback from our examinees, these tips on the language exams often brought them such extra points, which actually decided the result of the exam.
  • Our effective training via Skype is recommended to our future students who are busy, travel a lot, and live in the countryside or abroad.


We ensure extensive training for each exam section.

  • At MET Kft. the first step in the process of preparing you for the exam is that after a short discussion, we assess and evaluate the current level of your knowledge. When discussing the results, we highlight your strengths, which will help you receive as many points as possible at the language exam. We also explore any incomplete knowledge that needs to be improved in order to fulfill the minimum level required to pass the exam in these areas as well. This service is provided free of charge for our language learners.
  • Then, we listen to your needs and help you choose the language exam type that best matches your knowledge and personality, and therefore the one with the highest chance to be passed within the shortest possible period. If you have already decided which exam to take, or your educational institution or place of work accepts only a certain exam, we will naturally adapt to it.
  • The next step is that we consult with you on each part of the exam, the available time frame, and the technical conditions. We highlight all characteristics and necessary skills that examiners usually pay special attention to.
  • For example, during a presentation or describing a picture they mainly evaluate continuous speech, and whether the candidate uses enough conjunctions, or whether the story/presentation is easy to follow.
  • In the case of written tasks, points are scored for the content of the letter/story, for correct grammar, and for the cohesive (linking) elements included in the text; therefore, it is important to use conjunctions (linking words like and, but, however, at first, later, suddenly, finally, in summary etc.) frequently and in a sophisticated way, even at beginner or intermediate level.
  • Then, practicing each test part is scheduled as best suited for your individual needs.  Meanwhile, we continuously pay attention to the aspects and time limits of real exams.
  • For this, we also ensure that the necessary amount of test sheets are filled in and exercises solved, which are then evaluated professionally. Those grammar structures and vocabulary parts that still cause problems are further explained and practiced.


Our examination candidates are provided with these additional materials free of charge.

  • Based on many years of experience as examiners, we can also provide tips on how to use the time frame available for each exam task as efficiently as possible.
  • In addition to textbooks preparing students for language exams, we also use the actual exam exercises from previous years, as well as our audio collection during the language exam preparation.
  • If you already have textbooks or exercises that you like to use for studying, we are ready to use them during the training.
  • We offer you tips and advice on what materials you can listen to or watch in your free time, e.g. CD, DVD, foreign radio stations, YouTube, TED, or various TV channels to ensure that you will score more points at the listening comprehension section.
  • In addition to the written exam, we also offer in-depth training for the oral exam that is based on real exam tasks. Using the video materials of MET Kft. we have collected over many years - which are regularly updated and developed - we analyze the exams and then, purposefully develop the skills and techniques needed to successfully pass the exam.


We are examiners as well, so we can offer you a lot of tips to earn extra points in the language exam.

  • At MET Kft. we prepare you to be able to answer standard questions asked at language exams in a way that feels spontaneous but is actually carefully rehearsed. These responses will contain the vocabulary and grammar that are appropriate for the level of the selected language exam.
  • We also offer a way to ask the examiner diplomatically in case there was something you could not understand at first.
  • We practice storytelling, picture description - presentation in case of business language exams - and situational exercises; and evaluate them in accordance with the criteria used at real exams. Special emphasis is placed on learning the communication terms necessary for this latter one. We provide our collection of typical words and expressions for the language exam free of charge.
  • An important part of modern language exams is a debate between examinees on a given topic. So we also present the necessary argumentation techniques and phrases and then practice them thoroughly.
  • Our goal is to ensure that the candidates familiarize with the exam tasks as thoroughly as possible, practice them focusing on speech, and learn the corresponding exam technique successfully - so that the candidate can have the best chance to pass the language exam at the first try.
  • At MET we find it highly important - in addition to learning the language - to prepare the candidate for dealing with exam stress. For this purpose, we organize free trial (mock) exams to ensure that candidates will gain experience in taking the exam, in addition to the knowledge of the language itself.

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