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12 Benefits of Our Translation


12 Benefits You Can Surely Expect If You Choose the Translation or Proofreading of MET Translation Office

1; Our translation will be precise and it will faithfully reflect the content of your text.

  • During the translation process, we pay special attention to transferring the exact content of the original (source language) text sent by you, as well as to maintain its original format.
  • Our aim, in case of each translation, is to transfer the content of the original (source) text to the selected target language as precisely as possible.
  • Thus, if you place the two texts next to each other and compare them, the translated text will appear like the mirrored reflection of the original one in front of you.

2; We will respect and preserve the style of the original text sent by you.

  • Besides the faithful reflection of the content of the original text, we also consider it our imperative to retain its style in the translation.
  • We also adjust the translation to the needs of your target readers so that you will be able to use it in the most effective way possible.

3; We guarantee that your text will be translated or proofread accurately and professionally.

  • We are able to achieve this by the help of our highly qualified general and professional translators.
  • MET Kft. works exclusively with knowledgeable, experienced, reliable and committed translators and proofreaders who show much greater interest in their specialist areas than the average.
  • Our translators find it natural to develop their language knowledge and terminology base, as well as the background knowledge related to their areas of expertise.

4; When we translate or proofread your text, we use all technical terms accurately and correctly.

  • In order to achieve this, in the case of each job, we find it particularly important to use the related professional vocabulary accurately, as well as to build the technical terms into the translated text in their appropriate grammatical forms.
  • We are greatly helped in this by our own systematically organized terminological database, which is based on the special areas of expertise where we translate. It was collected by us on the basis of our previous translations with consistent work for long years.
  • Besides this, we also use such internationally acknowledged and continuously developed digital dictionaries, like My Memory, Glosbe and Linguee, by which the words and expressions we search for can be seen in sample sentences.
  • By doing so, we are able to check both the meaning of the technical terms incurring during our translations and the grammatical elements that are necessary for their use in context, thus eliminating possible mistranslations and such use of the language, which may seem awkward or just ridiculous to the native speakers of the target language.
  • All of the translators we work with have to keep our basic expectation, that is, to look up each word or expression whose meaning is unknown to them or they are uncertain about.
  • Then they have to check the accurate interpretation and use of the term in context, in the relevant professional articles that are continuously issued on the internet. This allows us to renew the professional vocabulary of our translators and keep it updated on a permanent basis.

5; We update our professional background from different sources, continuously.

  • For this, we constantly monitor the changes in the professional languages that are related to the themes of our translations.
  • We read the professional literature and attend professional conferences, presentations organized by PROFORD (Hungarian Association of Professional Language Service Providers).
  • We also use webinars organized by PROZ and Kilgray, and we follow the activities of Hungarian and foreign professional forums.

6; We use modern technology, by which we can translate recurring text types consequently.

  • At MET Kft., in order to enhance the accurate and consequent use of technical terms, we use MemoQ computer-assisted translation tool.
  • Naturally, it does not do the job instead of the translator, however, it speeds up the translation process and makes it more accurate by sequencing and presenting the text in a logical layout.
  • We prepare an own terminological database (it is like an own dictionary) to each translation job by memoQ, which we carefully save.
  • Thus, when you place new orders for translation (even weeks or months later), we will be able to use those technical terms that were previously accepted and requested by you, in a consequent way.
  • It is especially helpful for the translation of the recurring text types of returning customers, e.g.: presentations, user manuals, websites, menus, letters, etc.

7; We will check your translation carefully

  • After finishing your translation, we will do Quality Control on the text by a special CAT software.
  • It filters missing or unnecessary words, as well as names and numbers that are not the same in the original text and the translation.
  • As the software corrects the text mechanically, our project manager will read the target and source texts once more in a parallel view.
  • Then, we will read the translated text once more to check its style and smoothness of the text. We are ready to rearrange some of our sentences once more to improve the smoothness of the text and/or to reflect the original intention of its author as accurately as possible.
  • Finally, we will perform a spell-check on them in order to avoid any possible mistranslation or a typo.
  • If we translate your text, there will be no need for proofreading (correction). You will be able to use the translation and publish it even abroad.

8; We are quick and always meet deadlines.

  • As our fast-moving, modern world – especially the business sector – demands all jobs to be completed quickly and punctually by their deadlines.
  • We only charge extra for urgent translations to be done within 24 hours and we undertake translation jobs for weekends as well.
  • We guarantee that during our agreement with you on the details of the translation job, we only accept such deadlines, which we can reconcile with keeping our quality standards.
  • We always meet the deadlines we have undertaken.

9; We offer favorable prices and further discounts.

  • We have a simple office with low maintenance costs, and our work processes are effective, and thus, we are able to keep our prices low.
  • Even before starting the translation, we will provide you with the exact amount of our translation fee based on the number of characters in the source (original) text, without space.
  • In this way, you cannot be affected by any unpleasant surprises when you receive our translation.
  • Our translation fee is calculated without space by which you can save about 20% of the price.
  • Our company is exempted from the VAT so this tax will not be added to the translation fee.
  • We can prepare the statistics of your text by MemoQ CAT software, by which we are able to provide a substantial discount on repeatedly used words.
  • In case there are repetitions in the text, you will not need to delete them before the translation and insert them back into the translated texts one by one. We will take over this tedious and monotonous job!
  • Upon request, after starting the translation, we will send you the first page in advance so that you can check the excellent quality of our translation.
  • For proofreading, we charge only 50% of the amount, which the translation of the same text would cost.

10; We translate difficult file formats - PDF, TIF, JPG, Mp3, Mp4 - and photos of texts without any extra charge, e.g.:

  • PDF: company and judicial documents, presentations, tables,  graphs, etc.
  • PDF, TIF: operating instructions, user guides or instruction manuals
  • JPG: documents saved in JPG and photographed texts
  • To be able to measure the length of your text, we will convert the non-editable file before sending you the quotation, free of charge.
  • In case you need the translation of any other specific file format, we are open to the management of that as well.
  • Instead of retaining the original format of your text, you can also order the translation in any other target format selected by you.
  • We are able to offer this to all of our clients as a free service.

11; You can order the proofreading of a text written in a foreign language or translated by someone else.

  • This service can be useful if you are not completely sure whether the grammar and wording of the text are accurate and its style is appropriate to your targeted readers.
  • In such cases, we look up the rarely used words in the dictionary again and we also check them in their context on the internet to see if they are still used actively.
  • If the text is of special importance, you can also request a native speaker to do the proofreading for you.
  • For proofreading, we charge only 50% of the amount which the translation of the same text would cost.

12; We will treat your text, translation and all personal information confidentially.

  • At MET Kft., we undertake that we treat all information we learn about confidentially. The text received from you will be handled with complete confidentiality.
  • If you request, we will send a signed and stamped copy of our Confidentiality Agreement before you request for a quote. We can offer this as a free service.
  • Naturally, we conclude a Confidentiality Agreement with each of our translators.
  • We only work with such colleagues, who are reliable and trustworthy, and thus, besides their professional aptitude and more thousand translated pages’ experience, they are able to meet the requirements of our clients in this field as well.

If you have a text to be translated or proofread, please do not hesitate to contact us by filling in the form below.

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The uploaded texts arrive at our domain email account secured by an SSL authorization. Compliant to the GDPR regulations, all personal information, texts, and translations will be treated strictly confidentially. Texts that are not translated by us will be irreversibly deleted.
We can offer all of our services exempted from VAT as our company is not registered under VAT. Naturally, we will provide you with an invoice through the official, sequential system of számlá Our invoices are considered paper-based and are payable by bank transfer.