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Who are we?

Translators, proofreaders and language teachers. Three different jobs.

Each career starts with the love of languages. However, they require different training and personality types.

This is why MET Translation Office and Language Teaching employs different professionals
for translation, proofreading and language teaching.





  • for individuals (one student-one teacher)
  • for small groups (2-4 students/one teacher)
  • at our own location
  • in-company
  • at a chosen location in the form of a training
  • by Skype


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  • general English: vocabulary building, systematic approach to grammar, developing different skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing;
  • professional English: economy, business English, business etiquette, law, architecture and environmental protection;
  • preparation for job interviews in English and for working abroad ;
  • preparation for a scholarship from abroad: application in English,   TOEFL and Cambridge language exams, background knowledge of the target country, different dialects;
  • preparation for the protection of a doctoral thesis (Ph.D./DLA) in English;
  • preparation for general or professional English language exams:  Euro, EuroPro, TOEFL, Cambridge, BEC, ORIGO, TELC, ECL, ESOL, BME, PROFEX Corvinus/OECONOM, LCCI, Zöld Út, Pannon, KITEX;
  • maintaining or refreshing the existing English knowledge;
  • combination of the above as required by our students.


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1; MET Kft. has been operating for more than 20 years -  since 15 February 1998.

  • After assessing the needs of our students, we came to the conclusion that due to the dominant position of English as a world language, we will focus our educational activity mainly on teaching general and professional English.
  • Thus, due to our nearly 20 years’ professional experience, we can offer our students effective and goal-oriented methods of teaching English.
  • You can choose from beginner, false-beginner, intermediate and advanced levels followed by the professional level, which is near the level of native speakers.
  • With MET, you can learn English in the fields of economy, business English, business etiquette, law, architecture and environmental protection.
  • We also offer effective preparation for Advanced Level maturity (GCE) exams, for the protection of Ph.D. theses and for job interviews in English.  

2; Our references also prove that MET Kft. provides goal-oriented and efficient English language teaching individually or in small groups.

  • We completely adapt to the specific needs of our students so that the energy they invest in language learning can increase their performance in the most efficient way possible.
  • Besides maintaining the excellent quality of our language courses, we make every effort to react flexibly to the requirements of our students that are generated by our increasingly rapid world whose technology is growing by leaps and bounds.
  • In order to achieve this, besides our central location in Budapest, which is easily accessible by both public transport and car, we also offer in-company courses, as well as teaching on Skype or in the form of intensive language trainings.

3; At MET Kft, you can encounter exclusively with graduate language teachers.

  • After spending a long period in an English speaking country, they have obtained several years’ teaching experience.
  • Besides their professional aspects, they will continuously follow and flexibly adapt to your specific needs.

4; We guarantee to assess the level of your English free of charge.

  • This can be done in the form of a personal discussion or by Skype and/or in written form (by test or by writing a short composition), according to your needs.
  • Then, after consulting with you about your short- and long term plans in connection with the use of English, we will suggest all suitable learning materials.
  • Finally, we will select the general and/or professional language books and articles together with you.
  • We provide you with the handouts of supplementary materials (e.g.: grammatical rules and exercises, exam materials, typical questions at job interviews, etc.) to help you cope with the problems that arise during their learning process.
  • You will get these photocopies from us free of charge.
  • For those who learn on Skype, these will be scanned and sent by email or via Skype.

5; Have you been learning English for a long time, perhaps even at a (super) intensive course?

  • However, do you still find a lot of unclear, obscure points in your vocabulary or grammar knowledge - or a total chaos?
  • We will help you with our lessons for vocabulary building and/or for the systematic, logical learning of grammar.

6; Would you like to develop your understanding of films, readings and the speech of others? Or would you like to improve your own speaking or writing in English?

  • Please try our skills development courses.
  • We can offer you where the goal-oriented and personalized development of the ‘4 skills’:  listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • To achieve all these, naturally, we use the most up-to-date books and videos that are available in the market or online.
  • We will also be pleased to build your own favourite books and supplementary materials into the course.    

7; In addition to teaching general English, we also have great experience in teaching the specific English of different professions.

  • You can learn the English of economy, business English, business etiquette, law, architecture and environmental protection.
  • While you are acquiring the specific English language of economy and business, you can choose from the most up-to-date economic or political articles.
  • With MET, you can also develop your modern business English skills:  giving presentations, active participation in meetings, phone calls or letter writing in English.
  • As you are the one who knows best the aim of your development and the requirements of your workplace or studies, we support choosing the professional materials together with you.
  • These may be paper-based or online journals, studies, books or internet sites: professional forums, conferences, TED presentations, YouTube, etc.
  • We can also help you with the updated collections of the current legal regulations that are often used by you.                                                              

8; If you have a relatively low level of English, we offer you our combined courses.

  • We will teach you the basic vocabulary and grammar needed for your job.
  • You can fill in the gaps in your English in a goal-oriented way - as fast as possible.
  • If you are under high pressure from your workplace to ‘jump’ to a much higher level of English in a short period of time and to use English in your work as soon as possible, we can help you.                                                                                                             

9; Would you like to apply for a job abroad?  You have already got an offer for a specific job, but you are not sure in your English to accept it?

  • If you would like to work abroad in your original profession, without having to step back in your career, we will do our best to prevent you from being hindered by your language barriers in the realization of your goals.
  • We offer to help you fill in the forms necessary for your job application, understand the labour law of the target language country, and write an EU-conform CV and motivation letter.
  • After this, with our collection of thousands of typical questions and exercises, we will prepare you for your job interview so that you can make the best impression on your future employers.
  • Before you travel abroad, we will help you with the administration.
  • We will also compile and practise the business/professional/technical terms and expressions possibly required by your future job.
  • After arriving in the target country, we will be pleased to help you with your administration by phone or Skype.
  • You will also be able to continue your studies via Skype if more needs are generated by your new job.  

10; Would you like to apply for a scholarship abroad?

  • We can offer to help you find those opportunities that match your interest, and we will give you a hand when you compile your application material.
  • Then, we will prepare you for the entrance exam or discussion so that you can successfully compete with students who have graduated from famous grammar schools in Western Europe.
  • In this case, we especially recommend such language exams, like TOEFL and Cambridge, which are accepted by universities in Western Europe and in the Far East as well. We can prepare you for these exams successfully. 
  • According to the feedback from those of our students who already study abroad, our lessons that provided them with the background knowledge about the target country and the practice of the different dialect(s) spoken there have greatly helped them fit into the foreign language environment.  

11; At MET Kft, we can also offer to prepare you for the protection of your doctoral thesis, both PhD and DLA types.

  • We will help you rewrite the original text of your thesis into a short and clearly structured format that is easier to present at an exam.
  • Then, we will practise it with you.
  • We will put special emphasis on the most difficult parts of your dissertation by offering alternative expressions as well.
  • In this way, nothing can confuse or embarrass you during the protection of your thesis.
  • We will help you collect the questions you can expect from the examination board in connection with the particular parts of the exam.
  • Next, we will discuss the possible answers to them with you thus ‘rehearsing’ the exam so that, besides your outstanding professional knowledge, you will be as prepared for it as possible from English too.                      

12; We have a regularly updated and continuously developed collection of supplementary materials and tests.

  • It will contribute to the efficiency of our preparatory lessons for the general or professional language exams and for the high-level maturity (GCE) exams.
  • You can prepare for the selected exam as quickly as possible with the least amount of effort.
  • We also conduct exams as examiners (e.g.: at the Euro and EuroPro language exams), thus we are able to give you practical information and advice about the different language exams.
  • We have up-to-date teaching materials for all language exams that are accredited in Hungary:  Euro, Euro pro, TOEFL, Cambridge, BEC, ORIGO, TELC, ECL, ESOL, BME, PROFEX Corvinus/OECONOM, LCCI, Zöld Út, Pannon and KITEX.                                                                                       

13; Have you reached a language level that is enough for you, but during your present studies or at your current work you do not have the opportunity to use it on your level, or you are not able to make frequent trips?

  • We would like to call your attention to our refreshing courses.
  • In this case, we use goal-oriental panel discussions supplemented by such written, audio and video materials, which we choose together with you.
  • Due to these interesting, new topics, we can repeat, maintain and improve your existing English knowledge.
  • These lessons, which you already do not have to prepare for at home, are usually spent in a really good atmosphere as then we actually ‘harvest the fruit’ of the previously done work.
  • Our students usually consider this form of education as an interesting hobby with long-term benefits.                            

14; Based on the feedback of our previous students, they have obtained quickly and rapidly usable knowledge of English.

  • This applied to our general and professional English lessons, as well as to the preparation for different exams.
  • They were able to cope with all English language situations in their private and professional lives as well.
  • Our English lessons have proved to be efficient even in case of learning in a minimum number of lessons per week (1X2 lessons per week).
  • We adjust to the specific needs of each student and do not waste their time on teaching vocabulary or grammatical structures that are unnecessary or old-fashioned.
  • We can offer you not only regular weekly lessons, but any other frequency of studies you need from an occasional preparation for a particular job interview to an intensive language training session.



  • At MET Kft, we find it especially important to provide our students with the excellent quality education that suits their personal needs.
  • To prepare for these lessons/trainings is energy- and time-consuming for our teachers so we cannot promise you to offer our services at the lowest price in the market.
  • However, it is shown by the feedback we have received from our previous students that their investment in the accurate and confident knowledge of the language always returned in the form of new and higher-level opportunities in their private lives, in their studies and in job opportunities.

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The fees in the table below are guide prices that can be positively modified by individual factors: number of lessons on order, the intensity of courses, returning corporate clients, payment schedule, etc.

 1 lesson = 45 minutes Online Teaching
Individual (per lesson) HUF 4,500
Small Groups (2-4 persons) (per lesson) HUF 2,500/person

You can call us: +36 30 546 0396(24 hours per day including weekends)

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