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Preparation for Language Exams


Who Is It For?

We offer this service to those who want to prepare for a language exam in a goal-oriented way.

No matter if you need the language exam for your maturity or entrance exam, for a scholarship abroad, or for a job interview, you can count on our help.

Based on the feedback from those students who already passed a language exam, by the education they received at MET Kft. they were able to prepare for passing the language exams quickly, efficiently, and in a goal-oriented way.

Types of Language Exams we prepare for:

  • You can prepare with us for general, business, and professional language exams, also separately for the oral and written parts. 
  • Our collection of supplementary materials and tests, by which we are able to prepare you efficiently, in a goal-oriented way, to be able to pass the exam for the first time, as soon as possible, includes materials for the following exams: Euro, EuroPro, TOEFL, Cambridge, BEC, ORIGO, TELC, ECL, ESOL, BME, PROFEX Corvinus/ OECONOM, LCCI, Zöld Út, Pannon, KITEX, TOEFL, Cambridge, and IELTS.
  • We specially offer the last three language exams for those who would like to apply for a scholarship abroad.
  • Usually one of these is the condition of application to the great Western European and Asian universities.
  • BEC is the best-known business English exam abroad.


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Steps of the Exam Preparation:

  • testing and evaluating your present knowledge in written and spoken English;
  • choosing the language exam that fits your personal needs;
  • analyzing the different parts of the language exam, clarifying all incurring questions;
  • providing information about the time frames of the language exams and tips to save time;
  • practicing and evaluating written and spoken tasks;
  • doing the tasks of the exam materials of previous years;
  • practice and flexible use of communicative phrases;
  • analyzing and practicing how to present arguments in a discussion;
  • testing the level of your English, providing you with supplementary materials and mock exams;
  • learning by Skype for those who are really busy, often travel or live in the countryside or abroad.


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Why Us?

  1. At MET Kft., we do our best to make our busy students pass the accredited language exam they choose as soon as possible even if they do not consider themselves talented in learning languages. We consider it as one of our greatest results that the majority of our students get to like learning English with us so they return to study at another type of course, e.g.: business or professional language and kindly offer the services of MET Kft. to their friends, colleagues,  and acquaintances.
  2. Our teachers have a great experience in preparing students to language exams. Most of them are also examiners themselves so they are able to increase your chance of successfully passing the exam by practical tips that are not included in the language books. According to the feedback of our previous students, it was these exam tips that often brought them enough extra points to pass the exam successfully.
  3. The first step of our exam preparation is to assess the level of your present oral and written English. When we discuss your results, we emphasize your strength that you can gain the most points from at the language exam and we also discover those lacks in your knowledge that you need to improve to be able to reach the minimum level at the exam from these as well. We can offer you this service free of charge.
  4. Then, you can tell us about your specific needs and we will help you choose the language exam that most suits your knowledge and personality so you can have the best chance to pass it as soon as possible. Naturally, we can also accept if you have already chosen a language exam or your choice is limited by your school or workplace and we adjust our preparation to your needs.
  5. In this step, we discuss each part of the language exam, its time frame, and technical conditions. We will put special emphasis on those skills and characteristics that are usually observed by the examiners at each task. For example, at the oral exam, during the picture description or presentation mainly continuity is measured. At the written exam, when your letter/ composition is evaluated, besides its content, you will also get points for the cohesive elements that keep together the text so it is really important to use linking words, e.g.: first, then, finally, however, although, still, already at B1 (basic) level.
  6. After this, we practice each part of the exam in the rhythm and quantity you need and we pay attention to keeping the aspects and time frame of the real exams.
  7. You will receive enough tests and exercises for your practice to prepare successfully for the written exam. We will also provide you with the professional evaluation of these and the repeated explanation of the problematic grammatical and vocabulary items, as well as an opportunity for further practice. We can offer you the necessary supplementary materials free of charge. Based on our long years of experience as examiners, we can also give you tips about the ways to use your time as effectively as possible at the language exam.
  8. Besides the exam preparation books, we also practice tasks from the real exams of the previous years, as well as our collection of listening materials. We are ready to use your favorite books or exercises if you like learning from them. We will give you tips about what to listen to or watch in your free time, e.g.: on CDs, DVDs, foreign radio and TV channels or on the web including YOUTUBE or TED, to be able to collect as many points at the listening part of the exam as possible.
  9. Besides the written exam, we also offer careful and thorough preparation for each part of the oral exam, which is based on the real tasks of the previous exams. We analyze the oral exams with our regularly updated, large collection of recorded exams that we have been gathering for long years. Then, we focus on those skills and techniques that are necessary for a successful exam.
  10. We will carefully prepare and practice with you the answers to the typical exam questions. They will sound spontaneous and grammatically correct with enough vocabulary for the selected level of the exam. We will also teach you how to ask back in a diplomatic way if you do not understand something for the first time. We will practice telling stories, describing cartoons and pictures as well as giving presentations for professional language exams - and role-plays. After the practice, we will evaluate them the same way as it happens at the language exams. We will put special emphasis on learning the communicative phrases that are necessary to solve these tasks at the exams. For this, you can receive our collection of useful expressions free of charge. An important part of modern language exams is the discussion between two students about a given topic. So we will also present and thoroughly practice those discussion techniques and expressions that are required by this task.
  11. Our aim is to present and practice the tasks of the exam as well and thoroughly as possible with special emphasis on developing your speaking skills. You will be able to learn the proper techniques and have the best possible chance to pass the exam for the first time.
  12. At MET Kft., besides learning English, we also find it important to make you well-prepared to tolerate and cope with exam stress. To achieve this, we organize mock (trial) exams free of charge, by which you will get routine in the exam tasks in addition to your confident knowledge of the language.
  13. We offer our efficient online exam preparation, for example, by Skype to those of our prospective students who are busy, travel a lot and/or live in the countryside or abroad.


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Our Prices

The guide prices of the preparation for the oral exam by MET Kft. are contained by the following table: (Our prices include the supplementary materials we use besides the coursebooks.)

1 lesson = 45 minutes Online Preparation e.g.: by Skype
Individually HUF 5,000/ lesson
In small groups (2-4 persons) HUF 3,000/ lesson/ person

You can call us: +36 30 546 0396(24 hours per day including weekends)

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