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Címünk: 1149 Budapest, Pillangó Park 14/A
fióktelep: 2400 Dunaújváros, Bocskai I. u. 7/A fszt. 2.


Our philosophy on language teaching


Our mission statement:

Well-founded, systematic knowledge and a lot of practice will result in overcoming inhibitions.

  • At MET Language Teaching, with our professional background, we have created the conditions for the above.
  • We do our best to make this bumpy road not only smoother but also faster for the language learners who choose to learn with us.
  • Our goal is to change their learning process from a burdensome obligation to a process filled with joy and success.
  • Besides, learning a language will open new opportunities in their professional and private lives as well.


Why English is in our focus?

Similarly to Latin in the Middle Ages, today English has taken the role of a transnational intermediary language in the interaction between different nations, and it is used all over the world.

This results in the additional benefit that English language users are tolerant with and helpful to each other.


Why do we teach English individually or in small groups (2-4 persons)?

At MET Language Teaching, we are convinced that the language level, the knowledge of grammatical structures, and the richness or the nature of vocabulary must be adjusted to the lifestyle, work, or studies of each language learner.

Individually or in a small group, there is more time to practice, so it is enough to attend a maximum of 1x2 or 2x2 lessons per week, which saves costs to the student.


Why do we offer teaching the English of different jobs and professions?

For everyone, those professional language skills are the most important, which he/she can use in his/her career.
A legal practitioner is not expected - even in his/her mother tongue - to know the types and components of air conditioning systems.
Similarly, an HVAC engineer is not expected to fully understand the complicated professional language of legal regulations.


How do we build up the process of effective language learning?

  1. We determine the specific purpose of learning English in cooperation with the language learner. Just a few of the possibilities he/she can choose from: a language exam, a job interview, the defense of a thesis/doctoral thesis, giving presentation, active participation in meetings at the workplace and at conferences, understanding materials and using the English of his/her own job or profession, etc.
  2. The level of language knowledge, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the language learner, are assessed during a conversation - free of charge.
  3. We give advice on more effective and easier methods of learning, e.g. new and enjoyable learning applications that can be used on the mobile phone: Quizlet
  4. We consult on the amount of time the student can devote to learning the language at home each week, and if there should be homework. If yes, how much? We also agree on if the student would like to be tested on the homework or on newly learned words orally or in writing. At MET Language Teaching, during the learning process, we consistently respect what we have mutually agreed on.
  5. We quickly correct the most disturbing old, fossilized pronunciation errors, and fill in the most significant gaps in grammar. At this point, it typically turns out that the language learner’s knowledge is much better than he/she thought, and it is possible to skip one or even more levels!
  6. Regular learning is started by using a textbook, exam preparation book, professional articles, or video materials with professional terminology that best suits the language learner's level and purpose.
  7. We are glad to use professional materials from the language learner's workplace or educational institution, as well as materials found on the Internet.
  8. We regularly discuss if the student was able to successfully apply the knowledge learned at the lessons in practice, and we rejoice with him/her on the result.


Why is teaching the English of a job or profession especially useful and effective?

Our language learners spend a minimum of 8-10 hours per day at work or with studying - it is natural that they are most interested in the professional language of their specific area. Most of them love their profession of choice, which makes their language learning easier! It is easier for the human brain to receive, process and store such information, which is associated with positive emotions.


What extra services can we guarantee?

At MET Language Teaching, you can learn English by Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Viber and WhatsApp as well. In our experience, online language learning is as effective as our traditional lessons. Our online language teaching is especially useful for busy language learners or for those who live far away. You may read more about this topic here: Online Teaching

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